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In Which I Am Not Molly Lambert

Molly Lambert, Molly Lambert

by Molly Lambert

According to this crazy census page, there are 32 other Molly Lamberts in the U.S.A. Here some Molly Lamberts I'm not:

I am not the Molly Lambert who wrote this message-board post about adhesives for tombstones.

I am not University Of Maryland lacrosse player Molly Lambert, now the lacrosse coach at Stonybrook.

I am not the Molly Lambert in this fan fiction about David Archuleta, although when I first found it I absolutely thought I had stumbled onto Alex's secret online American Idol centered e-life.

Nor am I Molly Lambert, President of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association. Did you know that Vermont is the Number One domicile of captives in the United States and third in the world? VT: "An offshore insurance haven."

I am not Molly Lambert the New Brunswick Recreation Specialist, although I do specialize in recreation.

I am not the Molly Lambert with leukemia in Omaha, who has apparently recovered and is doing very well according to the last update her parents made to the site. Send her your good vibes and love.

I am not, nor have I ever been, the Molly Lambert who plays volleyball. I am way too short and bad at spiking.

I am not the Molly Lambert who works at the Charles M. Schulz museum restoring murals and sells Peanuts merchandise, although that is totally awesome and I would love to be.

I am not the Molly Lambert who was married to Ben Franklin in 1875, but when time travel is invented I will be.

Nor am I Molly Lambert the professional dancer who lives in Leicester, although I'll bet sometimes Alex wishes I was.

I am not the Molly Lambert who participated in the psychiatric study The Effects of Test Type and Stereotype Reminders on Women’s Performance in Math, but would you be surprised?

I am not the Molly Lambert who runs a pagan moonstone jewelry store. Or am I...?

"The Weight of the World" - Editors (mp3)

"The Racing Rats" - Editors (mp3)

"Spiders" - Editors (mp3)

I am not Molly Lambert, protagonist of the historical romance novel A Candle In The Window. But sometimes I feel like I am:

A Wanted Man:Escaping into a blizzard with bounty hunters on his trail, Luke McKenna desparately needed to find shelter for his small daughter. Just as he began to lose hope, a light through the blinding storm led him to schoolteacher Molly Lambert's cabin, and Luke knew he'd found a bittersweet gift. For Molly was the kind of woman he could love. But when the storm moved on, so would he...to face the life of a fugitive alone.

A Christmas Angel: When the stranger appeared at her doorstep carrying a sick child, Molly couldn't turn him away. The man was as hard as the gun he carried, but soft as a kitten when it came to his daughter. Snowbound i her tiny cabin, the attraction between them deepened. Now Molly was dreading the day that Luke would leave. But love will light even the darkest days of winter...and Christmas miracles come straight from the heart.

However I am the Molly Lambert who edits This Recording and wrote a hit play, so I'm not sweating it either.


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This Is Not My Blog

Ryan Adams is alive, but his blog may or may not be dead. I hope not, because my fondness for him grows exponentially when he does things like refer to himself as "the Huey Lewis of alt.country"

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There is totally an infinity sign in my hair.


Craig's Crime List, the Craigslist Crime Blotter

Bad Girls Crime Blog

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Eggs on Sunday

Rush The Court, college basketball blog

Destination Unknown

Cute or strange? Either way, I'm in love with this weird kitten.

Molly Lambert is the senior editor of This Recording.


I am not Molly Young

I am not Morgan Murphy

I am not Madonna

I am not Marly "Marlo" Guthrie

I am not Phillip Marlowe

I am not Marley Marl


In Which We Honor The Man Who Killed Tumblr

Celebrate Good Times Come On It's A Celebration

We make fun of Danish a lot in this space because he has one of the worst Tumblrs I have ever read. Just kidding I check it all the time and am mad when it's not updated. He is so the master of making us understand why we shouldn't enjoy things as much as we're enjoying them.

It is his birthday today. Happy Birthday Danish.

Danish is legendary for his fashion sense, with some even rumoring at one point that he was Christian in a fey Mr. Garrison-esque costume. He is also notorious for holding a beer (or "brewski" as he so charmingly calls it) in his hand when you take a picture of him.

Like most savants, Aziz looks best when conveniently positioned next to a hottie.

my caption for this picture is van wilder: the rise of taj

I wish that every time Danish tumbled, he would write me an e-mail that said, "HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM TUMBLES?"

Thanks for the memories big guy.

"One Pure Thought (Supermayer remix)" - Hot Chip (mp3)

"One Pure Thought (Toddla T remix)" - Hot Chip (mp3)

"Sensual Seduction (Snoop Dogg cove)" - Hot Chip (mp3)

Oh wait I like this picture a lot because it looks like the clouds are under his command, and he is the central figure of an Ayn Rand novel and his last name is Taggart so he is crowned Danish Taggert and he controls the clouds.

How did Danish and I meet? Was it fate, or the fact that Danish had a bad reputation in the Wayland dorm and thus had to meet other people? His roommate was an open toolbox. His roommate the next year was even worse: a person whose for whom the two most important words were venture capital.

Whenever we did interact for the first time, one word was whispered into my brain. Say it was God, say it was Doug, say what you want.

The voice said, bloggeur.

What does the future hold in store for this 25 or 26 year old male? I thought this day would never come. If I have to deal with the Son of Aziz, I am going to retire from blogging and emigrate to Israel.

young danish before life got to him, bottom right

Best of Danish for real:

He Studied Internet Time Capsules

He Punk’d Kanye - Twice

He Can Be So Cruel

He Knows All The Best Remixes

He’s Never Been Wrong

He Likes Molly More Than He Will Admit

He’s A Regular Conspiracy Theorist

He’s a Metronomy Fanboy

He Had The Hardest Childhood of Anyone In World History Except Potentially Jesus.


The glory of the Nuggetini

Hate to say I told you so

We treated them mean

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