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In Which The Underlings Fight And I Have To Keep These Noobs Happy 

Infighting Is The Enemy of Productivity

by Alex Carnevale

Our senior contributor, in happier days.

It's hard to run a tight ship, and that sentence becomes even tougher when the word 'ship' is replaced by the word 'blog.'

When I brought Danish aboard This Recording (more accurately, when I forced him aboard) I told him that he had to get along with Molly.

To get along with Molly, it's best to follow a three-step plan:

1. Flattery ("Great post about Ryan Gosling, I never get tired of hearing about him")

2. More Flattery ("Your red hair is luminous, you are simply put the most attractive ginger in the continental United States.")

our senior editor, she's an american original

3. Prayer ("Please don't let Molly write something mean about me, please please please God or Jesus or Allah whichever the case may be")

"You" -- Simple Kid (mp3)

"A Song of Stone" -- Simple Kid (mp3)

Anyway, Danish had a BIG PROBLEM with something Molly wrote in her post yesterday, and he confronted her about it. I have had to deal with the fallout ever since.

I can't tell you how I have access to gchats between Danish and Molly, I just do. (Danish's password to everything is somehow related to Justice.)

Danish: Maul
Molly: sup?
Danish: we have to talk
Molly: cool, I thought that's what we were doing, what's up?
Danish: it's about your post...the line about Claire Danes

Molly: oh yeah, that was pretty funny huh?
Danish: haha, yeah "crumple face" that was great
Danish: but it's about your use of "p0wns"
Molly: what about it?
Danish: well it doesn't really make sense
Molly: how so?
Danish: you made the "o" a zero and then tacked on a "p" at the front
Molly: AND?
Danish: it should actually be just "pwn" or "pwns," as these sort of things usually arise out of typos and then become standardized ( c.f. the > teh)
Molly: I see
Danish: and that thing you did, with the 0 replacing an "o," that's more of an intentional thing like typing c001 instead of "cool" or something like that
Danish: so you kind of combined two different things and it looked sorta n00bish so I changed it...I hope you don't mind.

Molly was not pleased by this.

In other Danish related news, I came across this picture of Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz looking a lot like me. This would in fact make me the real Aziz.

me/Aziz on the left, white dudes on the right

Lastly, thanks to Tao Lin for the nice mention of the second issue of CapGun. More on how to submit to that venerable institution on Friday.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.

"Treehouse Song" -- Nina Nastasia (mp3)

our address was in the sky/just a roof of woven reeds - nina


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Reader Comments (3)

D00D, Danish, that sweater is ill!

November 7, 2007 | Unregistered Commentertesslynch

it's tru I'm a n00b

November 8, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMolly Lambert

[...] Me keeping Danish and Molly happy. [...]

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