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In Which The Underlings Fight And I Have To Keep These Noobs Happy 

Infighting Is The Enemy of Productivity

by Alex Carnevale

Our senior contributor, in happier days.

It's hard to run a tight ship, and that sentence becomes even tougher when the word 'ship' is replaced by the word 'blog.'

When I brought Danish aboard This Recording (more accurately, when I forced him aboard) I told him that he had to get along with Molly.

To get along with Molly, it's best to follow a three-step plan:

1. Flattery ("Great post about Ryan Gosling, I never get tired of hearing about him")

2. More Flattery ("Your red hair is luminous, you are simply put the most attractive ginger in the continental United States.")

our senior editor, she's an american original

3. Prayer ("Please don't let Molly write something mean about me, please please please God or Jesus or Allah whichever the case may be")

"You" -- Simple Kid (mp3)

"A Song of Stone" -- Simple Kid (mp3)

Anyway, Danish had a BIG PROBLEM with something Molly wrote in her post yesterday, and he confronted her about it. I have had to deal with the fallout ever since.

I can't tell you how I have access to gchats between Danish and Molly, I just do. (Danish's password to everything is somehow related to Justice.)

Danish: Maul
Molly: sup?
Danish: we have to talk
Molly: cool, I thought that's what we were doing, what's up?
Danish: it's about your post...the line about Claire Danes

Molly: oh yeah, that was pretty funny huh?
Danish: haha, yeah "crumple face" that was great
Danish: but it's about your use of "p0wns"
Molly: what about it?
Danish: well it doesn't really make sense
Molly: how so?
Danish: you made the "o" a zero and then tacked on a "p" at the front
Molly: AND?
Danish: it should actually be just "pwn" or "pwns," as these sort of things usually arise out of typos and then become standardized ( c.f. the > teh)
Molly: I see
Danish: and that thing you did, with the 0 replacing an "o," that's more of an intentional thing like typing c001 instead of "cool" or something like that
Danish: so you kind of combined two different things and it looked sorta n00bish so I changed it...I hope you don't mind.

Molly was not pleased by this.

In other Danish related news, I came across this picture of Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz looking a lot like me. This would in fact make me the real Aziz.

me/Aziz on the left, white dudes on the right

Lastly, thanks to Tao Lin for the nice mention of the second issue of CapGun. More on how to submit to that venerable institution on Friday.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.

"Treehouse Song" -- Nina Nastasia (mp3)

our address was in the sky/just a roof of woven reeds - nina


Best writers ever.

The Merwin-Berryman connection.

Jamie's going-away party.


In Which Only You Can Keep The Economy Afloat

The New Bougehemians

by Tess Lynch

Unemployed and drinking out of an Elmhurst Prom '66 goblet.

I tried very hard to spend no money for the past year or so. I tried almost as hard to not spend money as I did not to make it; I quit my day jobs (assorted, one at a time -- baby, plz, I'm lazy) and decided to try to be a full-time actress/writer. It was a good thing, in that I audition a lot (PLEASE, BY ME TYPING THAT, LET ME NOT JINX EVERYTHING) and usually in the middle of the day, and don't know how I could ever manage that noble schedule of getting up at 6, writing for two hours, showering, going to auditions, getting home, vomiting from despair, and then setting off to waitress or bartend (they say people do this. These people obviously abuse Red Bull). I mean, I waitressed in college and I know how hard it is (people say auditioning is demoralizing -- those people have never worked at the Seekonk TGI Friday's). I'm dippin' into the savings and going balls-out.

"Paradise By The Dashboard Light" -- Meat Loaf (mp3)

"Raspberry Beret" -- Prince (mp3)

The way I had been saving money (which worked, by the way, if you're into saving money, which everybody is) was: never eat out, shop at Trader Joe's a ton, never go out (but rather drink Tito's endlessly at home), and buy clothes when necessary at Forever 21. There are wiser ways not to spend money (omit the Forever 21, for instance), but I'll be frank: one of the Universe's Top Ten Riddles is that, when you're not making any money, you are compelled more than ever to buy things. Even if it's, like, $20 of Wet N' Wild makeup from CVS.

The secret they don't want you to know: vintage clothes aren't cheap anymore. Even the yuppies preserved our nation's thrift stores from becoming popular.

Do you remember when, 7 or 8 years ago, you'd go into a vintage store and all the t-shirts were $9-15? And the cute little sundresses were all under $30? How easy it was, then, to buy happiness in the form of ill-fitting corduroys and t-shirts from someone else's dad's birthday. I noticed that this was no longer the case during my second year of college, when I went to Andy's Chee-Pee's and saw some spangly $80 sweatshirts on the walls. Fucking hipsters!! I just wanted to buy a lot of t-shirts! I hate you! That's when I switched to Forever 21, which, as luck would have it, had one of its many hubs in Providence -- specifically, in the mall right above where I worked. Dope.

"Oh, Sweet Nothin" -- The Velvet Underground (mp3)

"Charlemagne In Sweatpants" -- The Hold Steady (mp3)

When one is addicted to McDonald's (I hear), one feels "depressed...[and] like a horrible person to be around most of the time." When one is addicted to $3 plastic earrings, they are cuter, but suffer from equally empty-feelings. I have a wicker thing (wicker, another mistake) that's literally filled with post-less earrings, homeless bra straps and pieces of a t-shirt that dissolved in the wash along with a rug of shaggy, Ikean origin. I keep these things as a reminder: just like with McDonalds, buying a bunch of badly-made cheap clothes (even though they're so cute, SO CUTE!), you are never full. You must always get more.

I still think the McDonald's #1 is the best; it also earns you a lot of Monopoly pieces.

One still-expensive-but-used-t0-be-so-much-more-expensive shoe, but not when it's also a hat.

So, having given up on buying tons of cheap stuff (instead, trying temperance, like the Protestants -- except not with Tito's and cheap wine and cigarettes -- things that go into your body and are not food don't count) I've decided to list some of my favorite places in L.A. to live bougie but still dream boho. Part one, below.

A Valentino gown at The Way We Wore

The Way We Wore

334 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036

The Way We Wore is the Barney's of vintage clothes -- I'm too scared to go into Decades/Decades Two, because I feel like I would be under-dressed, and The Way We Wore is comfortable and approachable. They've got some killer belts in the $30-60 range, beautiful cashmere cardigans, and a really great shoe collection (the shoe-hat, above, is a never-been-worn Manolo Blahnik that was marked down over 60%), but their specialty is dresses. They're all in surprisingly good condition, and organized so that it's easy to browse; all the pieces, especially if you have something fancy-pants planned, are the kinds of things you flick through in your closet and think about spending extra money on a garment bag to protect. But you won't, because you're broke, so instead you're just very careful not to spill your $2 red wine on it.


7428 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Shopping at Wasteland is not always pleasant, but they have one of the better rates for buy-backs (40% of the estimated value of your clothes in store credit) of all the vintage and contemporary stuff you never wear, so you can essentially trade your old clothes for new. Wasteland, I've found, is best when you need a great pair of designer jeans (Se7en, True Religion, James, etc) or a really great handbag. Skip the jewelery and t-shirts and head for the cases, where they keep the best shoes and purses.

Versailles Cuban Restaurant

Various locations throughout L.A.

Versailles is the best Cuban food ever. It's cheap, it's huge, it's fabulous, and you can chill there forever with imported beer and a mountain of pork. I'm sure it's terrible for you, but I don't want to know. It's also an acceptable place to bring people, but not people you wouldn't want to judge you if you walked around smelling of garlic for the rest of the night (or the rest of your life).

La Scala Presto

11740 San Vicente Blvd

Los Angeles, 90049

La Scala Presto is the more laid-back cousin of the La Scala in Beverly Hills, but it's still a little pricey. This is why you have a picnic: order your Leon Chopped Salad (plus turkey and tomato) to go, and share it with someone who's also following my bougie advice in Holmby Park. It'll end up being only slightly more than a Subway sandwich apiece, and they give you lots of great crusty bread, butter, and extra dressing because they know the rent is due tomorrow.

Cha Cha Lounge

2375 Glendale Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90039

You've probably been to the Cha Cha, but I wonder if you've ventured there for happy hour for their bloody marys. It is truly the most economical-yet-satisfying imbibing experience ever. I don't know why they're so fucking good (pickle juice? Sometimes people use pickle juice?), and I'm sure it depends on your bartender, but I lost my wallet one day at the Cha Cha and went back as soon as they opened (bingo! Happy hour!) and those drinks really numbed my pain. For real.

Tess Lynch takes requests at tess dot lynch at gmail dot com.


Paper Bones

Prediction of Malibu Fires from semi-psychic lab-coat Molly

New Planets!




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