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In Which We Strongly Feel That Sheryl Crow Is Capable of Murder


Links Are The Amen After Whatever It Is You Were Saying

by Alex Carnevale

As much as the new Madonna, Hard Candy, is total dreck, and as much as she should simply act her age instead of trying to "reinvent" herself for the last album on her record deal. As much as Madonna was a central figure in the aftermath of feminism. As much as I respect her as an artist. As much as her marriage to the Snatch dude is a total sham and they're living in separate houses. As much as her lame critiques of New York sound like the spoiled rantings of a billionaire. As much as she probably simply wants to be released into the sweet embrace of death, we need Madonna.

More of the new Madonna:

"I Have the Key" - Madonna (mp3)

"The Beat Goes On" - Madonna (mp3)

sometimes we all wish we were pharrell

There was a hope that Madonna would go on forever, until she stopped and decided she wanted to be a director. There was a hope that Michael Jackson would go on forever until it became clear he did not have the stamina to get bonors anymore. There was a hope that Sheryl Crow would murder Lance Armstrong and we would be able to watch the coverage of the trial on MSNBC for a number of months. There was a hope that Brittany Murphy would come to her senses and love the author of this highly influential post about Madonna and worship his links like jewels, and forget her frog husband.

Madonna was a tiny piece of chocolate in a sea of vanilla once, but now she is no longer banging Michael Jordan during his hiatus from baseball. She has rented a car to drive across America, and the car runs on the fuel of all her discarded magazine covers. (Is there a magazine Madonna isn't doing?)

For most of us, Madonna represented a second vagina we could vacation in if our original vagina became overexposed. For most of us, Miley Cyrus is the second coming of Madonna and Madonna is actually Guy Ritchie in drag because he killed her and wears her skin. For the vast majority of us, Madonna is an icon of fashion and style who made owning Prince's back catalog that much less important. For most of us, Madonna was a beacon of light sailing on a star made of all the sweatshop workers in plastic factories making her CD cases.


We see the possibility of the real Madonna, but then we see the violence in the Sudan, the injustices against Tibet, we see her vogueing a lot and bitching out her maids for not cooking her eggs exactly the right way, we see the sad fate of the Palestinians, the historic injustices to the Navajo, Madonna adopting most of the children of Malawi, the people of Greenland complaining about how it's too cold, Madonna admiring her bowel movements. To be famous, to be the most famous, is a terrifying outcome. Madonna is afraid.


sweet Michael Yan photo essay

battle of the oranges

Really dumb


married to the sea

Prison rape isn't funny, or not as funny as you think

the elusive windows desktop of your dreams

The American teenager: nothing will ever be as important

Death of Cambodian holocaust survivor

insane hidden speed trap

wrestlemania kinda happened

sideone's first roller girl match

one of my fav spiritualized tracks, we are so excited for the new album

lefties are better than righties

Juliet gets branded with the Cadbury symbol on Lost

gotta love the repost


from here ... clone images are great

This should end his run for the presidency:

Jay Leno apologized Tuesday for on-air remarks he made during a chat with Ryan Phillippe that were then criticized by gay activists and others.

"In talking about Ryan's first role, I realize that what I said came out wrong," the host of NBC's Tonight Show said in a statement to PEOPLE. "I certainly didn't mean any malice. I agree it was a dumb thing to say, and I apologize."

Last week, while talking with Phillippe (whose appearance was keyed to his new movie Stop-Loss), Leno, 57, said to the actor, "Can you give me, like – say that camera is your gay lover ..." (Phillippe's first role was as a gay character on a soap opera).

Leno then went on to say, "Can you give me your 'gayest look?' "

"Wow," replied Phillippe, 33. "That is so something I don't want to do."

Will Smith on chinese oil paintings

You still like the government?

Ebert is back

Veterans for Peace: come on you guys that's dumb

audrina partridge's tattoo is hot, i dunno

Beach House is the greatest

david archuleta's dad can suck my fat one


Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have a great relationship:

One person who loves her curvy body, regardless of what she puts into it: boyfriend Reggie Bush, who hung out with some of the wrestlers while Kardashian rehearsed. "He doesn't care what I eat," says Kardashian. "He loves me just the way I am."

I had to explain why Kim Kardashian was famous to my mom the other day. I was like, "Well, Ray J flipped her over..." Just kidding, I couldn't come up with a reason.

mile high skyscraper

Boise is vulnerable to terrawr

Janet Jackson's new weight scares the bejeezus out of me. like with cameron diaz

hip hop supergroups are routinely the best part of my day

high tech music from Poland

lefties who have broken away

harmony's blog

The achilles heel of the Wii. I can't believe there was an article in Slate about this

ten hottest vegeterians

Shame on Time magazine

Spielberg's new Tintin

This track is more delightful than a golden retriever.

“Set Fire to the Third Bar” - Snow Patrol ft. Martha Wainwright (mp3)

Danish's 20 most listened to artists. This screams 14 year old who loves glow sticks and making out with tongue. [ducks]

  1. Kanye West

  2. Justice

  3. Simian Mobile Disco

  4. Hot Chip

  5. Jay-Z

  6. Nas

  7. Spoon

  8. The Velvet Underground

  9. Pavement

  10. Daft Punk

  11. Justus Köhncke

  12. Black Lips

  13. Bob Dylan

  14. Animal Collective

  15. Ghostface

  16. Klaxons

  17. !!!

  18. Philip Glass

  19. Caribou

  20. Metronomy

Stop these abortions.

Assassination just plain works

Google April Fools joke starts a wikiwar

Hitchens doesn't like Hillary, can you tell?


Face Hunter


Triple Canopy is a new online magazine you will want to see for yourself

Jennifer Daniel is the best illustrator in the world


FOU magazine so hot right now for poetry

Pretty Goes With Pretty

oh to be gorgeous AND funny

J. Bauchner turned me onto this hot Dylan track, thanks JB.

"Sign on the Window" - Bob Dylan (mp3)

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.

you take your dick out and jerk it around, next question


The black athlete gets dumped on.

Benry Gale ascends.

Ghosts before I met you.

mom...no. please. also, is cindy mccain being played by amy poehler?

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[...] I am not Madonna [...]

Whatever Madonna is doing to preserve herself, Christina Aguilera should start taking notes before it's too late

January 26, 2009 | Unregistered Commentercoffee

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