In Which We Are A Giant Silvery Cloud Over The City
Thursday, October 2, 2008 at 4:55PM

SCIENCE CORNER: October Surprise

by Molly Lambert

Do we live in a giant cosmic bubble?

Earth may be trapped in an abnormal bubble of space-time that is particularly void of matter. Scientists say this condition could account for the apparent acceleration of the universe's expansion, for which dark energy currently is the leading explanation.

Universe gets its period with mysterious "dark flow"

underground plumbing on Mars

A1, the behemoth star


Invisible galaxy full of dark matter

Supernova impostors explode leaving stars in tact

Mars had seasons, Martian snow, sometimes massive floods, a river ran through it.

The U.S.S. Oriskany becomes an artificial reef

When astronomers look at distant objects, they are looking back in time, in this case seeing objects that are 7.7 billion light-years away.

"This is the most luminous, and therefore probably the most massive, cluster of galaxies discovered at this epoch"

This Recording loves polar bears. Sarah Palin hates them. We hate Sarah Palin.

Major Pre-Columbian site found in Puerto Rico.

Jurassic Park was correct! They also burrowed homes and behaved generally like birds.

Yangtze River less tainted than predicted.

Ancient headless skeletons found in island grave.

Sherwood Forest in trouble

Mice transformed into little Charles Bukowskis in the name of curing addictions with science.

Photographs show the progression of glare over the years in the Tucson area, as seen from Kitt Peak.

Here I come to save the day! It means that Mighty Mouse is on his way.

Scare; Crow

Old Folks can pay attention just fine, thank you.

Albert, Texas up for sale. Who wants to buy it and help found the This Recording Writers' Colony?

Scientists to ALVIN: Let Me Upgrade U

MOTHER INDIA! inspirer of fetishes, cradle of mammal life..

Scientist studying the Grand Canyon dies of the Plague.

Planetary formation in the first few million years often resembles a violent wrestling match among hungry siblings, with planets fighting to feed on gas and dust while pulling at each other with gravitational arms.

I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?

When the Northridge earthquake knocked out power in Los Angeles in 1994, numerous calls came into emergency centers and even the Griffith Observatory from people who had poured into the streets in the predawn hours. They had looked into the dark sky to see what some anxiously described as a “giant silvery cloud” over the shaken city.

The Pill won't give you cervical cancer, and breastfeeding won't make your boobs sag.

Explosion from edge of universe seen

How ventriloquists fool the brain, scare the kids.

Artist's conception of Saturn's rings forming

Your heart shrinks with age. Best be pumping some stem cells in there.

New dwarf planet named Haumea

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