In Which We Welcome You Back To This Recording
Wednesday, March 25, 2009 at 2:18AM


By Molly Lambert

Imagine if you will, that This Recording is a spaceship, preferably a futuristic multi-cultural one, like in Sunshine, but with more jews. Since we are out in space (the internet) we can't really land, so most of the tinkering on the ship occurs while in-flight. You, dear readers, are the passengers

chaotic terrains are very unpredictable

As with any outer space mission, no matter how well thought out, things do not always go exactly as planned. One of This Recording's editors, now moonlighting as our technical engineer, accidentally flipped the switch (unlocked the hatch, pushed the button, nuked the fridge) and the cat is out of the bucket. There's no going back now. We moved the island, people.

We hope you like the redesign. We're still tinkering with things, adding new features, and moving our archives to the new location. Hopefully you'll find the new This Recording much easier to read, use, and navigate. We appreciate your patronage thus far. Without you we'd just be a mostly unoccupied craft floating out into deep space.

feedback in comments welcome/encouraged/appreciated


Alex Carnevale

Molly Lambert

Will Hubbard

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