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Pretty used to being with Gwyneth

Regrets that her mother did not smoke

Frank in all directions

Jean Cocteau and Jean Marais

Simply cannot go back to them

Roll your eyes at Samuel Beckett

John Gregory Dunne and Joan Didion

Metaphors with eyes

Life of Mary MacLane

Circle what it is you want

Not really talking about women, just Diane

Felicity's disguise

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Woody Allen Sequels



Next September

Return Of The Jade Scorpion

Melinda and Melinda and Melinda (or, Melindaplicity)

Manhattan 2: Manhattan On The Move

Take Bananas and Sleep

Husbands and Wives and Korean Stepdaughters

More Crimes And Misdemeanors

Hannah and Her Doctors

Stardust Dementia

Play It Again Sam, Again

Sweeter and Lower Downier

Reconstructing Harry

Annie Hall and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

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"Fast Blood (live)" - Frightened Rabbit (mp3)

"My Backwards Walk (live)" - Frightened Rabbit (mp3)

"Head Rolls Off (live)" - Frightened Rabbit (mp3)

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