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is dedicated to the enjoyment of audio and visual stimuli. Please visit our archives where we have uncovered the true importance of nearly everything. Should you want to reach us, e-mail alex dot carnevale at gmail dot com, but don't tell the spam robots. Consider contacting us if you wish to use This Recording in your classroom or club setting. We have given several talks at local Rotarys that we feel went really well.

Pretty used to being with Gwyneth

Regrets that her mother did not smoke

Frank in all directions

Jean Cocteau and Jean Marais

Simply cannot go back to them

Roll your eyes at Samuel Beckett

John Gregory Dunne and Joan Didion

Metaphors with eyes

Life of Mary MacLane

Circle what it is you want

Not really talking about women, just Diane

Felicity's disguise

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The Week in Review

Baseball celebrated its centennial in 1969, This Recording will celebrate its own occasion in 2106. It will be a special moment and we can only assure you that we will secure Joyce Carol Oates for that event. She'll be cold and brittle, but it won't feel like that when you see her up close.

In between those hundred long years, we will only think about how blogging was at the beginning. First came Prodigy...then Instapundit. Andrew Sullivan showed up a little later, asking if we'd seen any bears. We referred him to the Prodigy chatroom. It was like that for awhile. You weren't there. You didn't know.

People who don't know how to blog, or how to blog reliably, are intruding on my cyberspace all the time. They write these long essays with no pictures of supermodels in between. Am I supposed to read such drivel? I prefer to spend my time quietly analyzing why Gif Party makes me laugh harder than anything else in the world.

These "pros" don't know how to blog, so some of them podcast, and others of them run Mediate. This is the way of things, you can't get too caught up in it. If the world stays this way, it might work to get angry. But the internet consumes all its inefficiences way better than any other medium ever has.

We return so often to the classics.

You can find last week's Week in Review here.

"Autumn" — Message to Bears (mp3)

"Running Through Woodland" — Message to Bears (mp3)

"Hope" — Message to Bears (mp3)

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