In Which Get Up And Shake The Glitter Off Your Clothes Now
Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 12:39PM
Molly in AMERICA, almie rose, las vegas

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Las Vegas In Review


Rooms at the Venetian Hotel: A

Casino at the Venetian: B+

Elevator music at the Venetian: D

Indoor Venetian canal at the Venetian: A

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum inside the Venetian: B

Wax Figure of Larry King: A+

Wax Figure of Nicolas Cage: A-

Nicolas Cage in The Wicker Man: A

The entire Venetian Hotel: B

Buffet at Caesar’s Palace: B-

Buffet at the Wynn: A+

Kobe beef carpaccio at Japanois at the Mirage: A

“Love” show at the Mirage: A

Beatle themed drinks at the Mirage:  C+

Beatle gift shop at the Mirage: A-

The Beatles: A+

The casino at the Mirage: B+

Free drinks at every casino: A

Getting carded for everything: A-

Repeatedly being asked if I am old enough to be in a casino: C

The Las Vegas Strip: B+

Open liquor Law in Vegas: A

The Sunset Strip: B

The traffic on both strips: F

The Vegas Episodes of Friends: A

Joey’s “Vegas, Baby!” catchphrase: A-

What everyone thought about me using said catchphrase at least 10 times a day: D

Ordering room service at 3 AM because it’s, “Vegas, baby!”: A

The way I felt the next morning: C-

Selection of movies in the hotel: B

It’s Complicated: D

Alec Baldwin’s fat little hairy body in It’s Complicated: D-

Alec Baldwin’s body in Beetlejuice: A

Beetlejuice: A

Everything Tim Burton Has Done Since (Not Including Ed Wood): C

Las Vegas: B+

Almie Rose Vazzano is the senior contributor to This Recording. She is a writer living in Los Angeles. She blogs at Apocalypstick.

"Bye Bye Beaute" - Nada Surf (mp3)

"Love Goes On" - Nada Surf (mp3)

"Love and Anger" - Nada Surf (mp3)

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