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Frank in all directions

Jean Cocteau and Jean Marais

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John Gregory Dunne and Joan Didion

Metaphors with eyes

Life of Mary MacLane

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Not really talking about women, just Diane

Felicity's disguise

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In Which A Week Has Come And Gone

The Week in Review

Only party hacks and the ambitious, the Henrys of this world following on the heels of the Milliéres, the grotesque imitators of the Commune of 1793... What an encouragement all these bloodthirsty caperings are for the arts! But there is at least one consolation in our misfortunes: that we're not politicians and have no desire to be elected as deputies.

-- Eduard Manet

We would like to celebrate you in this way. Join us for a tea, or some other beverage. Indulge these articles:

I tried to watch Nurse Jackie and write a review about it, but I stopped in the middle and watched some Sopranos episodes instead. Manet was a confident little fellow. "You must always remain master of the situation and do what you please. No school tasks, ah, no! no tasks!" he told me once. I don't remember if he told me that on the telephone or on Wikiquote.

Light has such unity that a single tone suffices to render it. People ask me why I hated on the elderly, it's because I want to retire at a fairly young age, say 33. I will be spending my leaner years in Tampa, Florida and dating purely within my synagogue.

We've published so many quality posts this week. It is important for you to bookmark This Recording, and visit it multiple times a day. It is a better way of living, it is like breathing, or standing still.

Breath play is death play, wrote the poet, and Molly also twitters for those of you into that sort of thing. Don't forget to read the This Recording tumblr. It's honestly astonishing how much content we are providing you with. Content is king, and so is Manet.

You can find last week's Week in Review here.

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"Manchuria" - Bus Driver ft. Myka 9 (mp3)

"World Agape" - Bus Driver (mp3)

"Do the Wop" - Bus Driver (mp3)

"Quebec and Back" - Bus Driver (mp3)

Bus Driver myspace


In Which The End of May Descends Like A Rigid Sphincter

The Week in Review

"Stranger things have happened," the saying goes. Was that the Bible or Shakespeare? You tell me. I recently looked up the entry of Jesus on wikiquote and discovered almost everything was said by Jesus. In fact, he also appears to have written the vast majority of Spice Girls lyrics.

"Impressionism is the newspaper of the soul," Matisse once told Pierre Schneider. Little did he know what would happen to the newspapers of his youth. We are here to fill that void for you. Go back and revisit these articles of note:

Only something beautiful can be destroyed, or something very ugly. I learned this from Jesus, or at the very least his wikipedia entry. Wikipedia banned all scientology moderation today, a firm blow against the Church that is not a Church. Freedom of religion is not important online, where not being a dick is the only moral code we have.

As for me, I have been checking the lengths of candles, and looking for the right size sweater online. I went to Bluff Point yesterday, where I taught a flock of children how to blog. The days are criminally long or short, but they never fail to be forgotten.

There's no use being upset. There's no use for feelings. There are only web pages, and the clicks you put upon them. Enjoy the fruits of our labors this week, and come back for more of the feast.

"It's The Weekend" - Jason Lytle (mp3)

"Brand New Sun" - Jason Lytle (mp3) highly recommended

"You're Too Gone" - Jason Lytle (mp3)

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Suppose I want to paint a woman's body: first of all I imbue it with grace and charm, but I know that I must give something more. I will condense the meaning of this body by seeking its essential lines. The charm will be less apparent at first glance, but it must eventually emerge from the new image which will have a broader meaning, one more fully human. There must result a living harmony of colours, a harmony analogous to that of a musical composition.

-- Matisse


In Which It's Not Something I Would Recommend But It Is One Way To Live

The Week In Review

Obama gives his graduation speech at Notre Dame today, where students are protesting. I saw a picture of some dude wearing a "Don't Ruin My Graduation" tee-shirt. This was relatively ironic since he had already attended Notre Dame. They should have been forced to have Charlie Weis give the graduation speech. I wish there were more protests at my graduation, then I wouldn't have had to eat three pizzas because I was so anxious. In fact I think the protestors are simply helping the binge-eating population relax, because they know the attention will be elsewhere. OK here's what we posted this week:

In more serious news, my little brother graduated from college, so congratulations to him. He already has a job, which is more than I can say for most people. My brother is a charming person; his name is Danny but all of his college friends call him Dan. You don't really realize what the problem with college is until you see someone else go through it.

My grandfather didn't even finish high school, so this is an impressive achievement in our family. As a gift, I peed on a flower and gave it to my brother. Good luck Danny. The first thing my brother said to me when I saw him was, "Did you hear the new Dave Matthews single?" All I could feel was utter joy that he has not been ruined by the vagaries of the world we live in, and is focused on the important things, like getting laid at DMB concerts. And to be honest with you dog, I really liked the new single.

It's good to have a family, I'm glad I have one. I just wish they read the internet more, so that my jokes would seem a lot funnier in context. We stayed at a Marriott, and now the homepage on every computer in the business annex of the hotel is This Recording. You should read this blog all the time, and think of us when you're not reading it.

You can find last week's week in review here.

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"Do The Nurse" — Animal Collective (mp3)

"Young Prayer #2" — Animal Collective (mp3)

"Ice Cream Factory" — Animal Collective (mp3)

from the new box set