In Which More Things Amuse Us
Friday, May 30, 2008 at 11:28AM

Amusement arrived with Karina Wolf and The State and Tyler Coates and Elisabeth Reinkordt. From the darkness come the light...

Things I Find Funny

by Lucas Stangl

Tobias F√ľnke:


Which is related to Reno 911:

[YouTube =]

Which is related to Super Troopers:

[YouTube =]

Which is kind of related to Da Ali G:

[YouTube =]

Which is kind of related to body massage and porkchop sandwiches!

[YouTube =]

Which is kind of related to this scene from Scrubs:

[YouTube =]

Lastly, Duke Jr:

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"Sensory Overload" - Bad Religion (mp3)

"Bad Religion" - Bad Religion (mp3)

"Politics" - Bad Religion (mp3)


Molly liked Sunshine, why?

Resurrecting the dead on Planet Jupiter.

Do you find this funny?

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