In Which We Revisit The Joy of Comedy Writ Small
Saturday, August 23, 2008 at 7:10PM

Nothing passes the hours of the weekend better than our epic Things I Find Funny series.

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Things I Find Funny

by Danish Aziz

This Is No Game, the episode of Conan O'Brien that was taped in front of an all-child audience, Money by Martin Amis, stuff poor/dumb white people like:


Tim Duncan's temporary afro, theater majors, Noreaga, Mitch Hedberg:


nicknames, referring to white chicks as "mileys", Hipster Runoff, referring to Rob Rutherford's sophomore year coat as "fat coat":

everything Eric Cartman has ever said, the first few times I heard the "what I should've said" joke by Mike Birbigs:

"You'd Be Surprised" - Mike Birbiglia (mp3)

more Birbiglia:


photo captions, the racial sensitivity episode of The Office:

the Chinese counter-protesters at the Olympic torch relays, Best of Craigslist, Gabe & Max's Internet Thing:


Japan, people who start social networking sites, The Boondocks, the gay sex scene from Wet Hot American Summer:


MIA being engaged to Edgar Bronfman Jr's son, the words "muxtape" and "tumblr," other people's political views, Google Hot Trends, "blow out" haircuts, E-40, Lucky Louie's only season:


our old roommate Doug going to law school, cursing babies, dogs, the "college reunion" Stella sketch,

the space dolphin saying "we left those retarded dolphins on earth years ago" in the space dolphin episode of UCB, the David Bowie song in HBO's Extras:


Ricky Gervais, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the voice of Lil' Bush, anti-drug PSA's, gingers, Rick Ross's beard, Teletubbies, YTMND sites, "I'm not just sure, I'm HIV positive!", the "I like turtles" kid:


"What what in the butt":


kung fu cat, the Olsen twins, Pete Doherty, Clayton Bigsby, Carlton and the fact that you don't need to say anything more than that first name for people to know who you're referring to, pregnant women, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the fact that almost all the males I know some how managed to lose their virginity, SBC as Bruno:


the fact that SBC's cousin is a famous scientist, the Reverend Wright saying "god damn America."

Danish Aziz is the contributing editor to This Recording. He lives in San Francisco.


"Foundations (Metronomy remix)" - Kate Nash (mp3)

"Atlantis to Interzone (Metronomy remix)" - Klaxons (mp3)

"Do the Whirlwind (Metronomy remix)" - Architecture in Helsinki (mp3)

"5:55 (Metronomy remix)" - Charlotte Gainsbourg (mp3)

"La Ritournelle (Metronomy remix)" - Sebastian Tellier (mp3)

"El Manana (Metronomy remix)" - Gorillaz (mp3)

"Not That Big (Metronomy remix)" - Temposhark ft. Imogen Heap (mp3)

"Trick or Treatz (South Central remix)" - Metronomy (mp3)

"The Treatment (Metronomy remix)" - Dead Disco (mp3)

"The Distance (Metronomy remix)" - Dntel (mp3)

"Spinning and Scratching (Metronomy remix)" - Love is All (mp3)


Tackling sexism FTW

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